About Tiyamike


Tiyamike Mulungu Center is a non-denominational effort committed to working along with others in His Kingdom. The concept that one particular stream of His body (including ourselves) has all the answers is not supported here. Working with and encouraging where ever and whomever is found working for His Kingdom purpose is supported. Will and Pam are joined with (personal living allowance since 2003 provided by these friends) a non-denominational church, Generational Hope Christian Center, located in Maple Valley, Washington in the U.S. They are also closely associated with a non-denominational church, Word Alive International, located in Blantyre here in Malawi. People and churches from a wide variety of the Kingdom are a part of what has and is happening at TMC. We have had the pleasure of relationship and gifts from friends of the Muslim and Hindu communities as well, often at times we have had great need and without our request or making the need known to them.