About Tiyamike


Since 2003, Tiyamike has been funded by a few very dedicated family and friends along with a regular monthly amount of 800USD personal support for Will and Pam from their church body in Maple Valley, WA. Friends from UK have become regular supporters of Tiyamike as well.

The balance has come sporadically thru the years from so many friends, acquaintances, churches, and even strangers all having in common their desire to support the Phillips in what they are doing here at Tiyamike and in Malawi. Support of various amounts, at various times, from many places, from people with many walks of life, different denominations, and even countries -- USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, even a missionary family from China one year... It has been an incredible wonder at how Tiyamike has moved ahead, so often down to the wire, and at a few times past the wire.

As we are always growing, there is need of increased regular support to allow budgeting and to make sure we stay away from crossing the wire. There are so many ways and needed projects to assist in the raising of the children here now and coming in the near and as well the distant future.

Tiyamike is 100% supported by private donations.