About Tiyamike


Funding for TMC has been a miracle happening from the beginning in 2003.  Friends and friends of friends, whether thru ministries or churches, have been the support over the years. Some have been regular and others as Holy Spirit whispers… This continues even today, from a band of God-loving men in Australia to individuals in Alberta and British Columbia, to families in Washington DC and others in USA,  to friends in UK and even Germany! One of the most surprising years ago was precious ones from China, Mike n Deena, who are seeing incredible things happen as they continue caring for babies with problems and many more good efforts with widows and the poor as well. (Check out, especially is you have a heart for China.)

So TMCT  (changed to a Trust a little over a year ago) is supported 100% by private givers. So give where you hear that whisper to give to and be so free in His rest and presence and if you haven’t met the lover of our souls yet, (we were all there at some point) then give where your heart tugs.  It may or may not be TMCT and that is just fine … no worries mate… (that’s the Aussie influence). Much love Will n Pam