TMC VIDEO #2: The Children

This video is a collection of photos of the children with their wonderful voices singing in the background.

TMC CHRISTMAS VIDEO (Christmas 2010)
Highlights from Christmas 2010 at Tiyamike



TMC VIDEO #1: Introduction
A collection of videos taken throughout TMC


Tiyamike Mulungu Center Walthrough 2017
They were Orphaned.. Since 2003... a children's home, 100 came as babies some a few hours old, mom's passed away... safe, loved, cared for.. Amazing wonder-full blessed children full of life and fun !!! Having a primary school since 2004, now with one third of the 270 students being community children. Now we need a Secondary School.. soon. Not just for TMC but for the Valley of about 700,000.. Education is one key in breaking the poverty cycle.