About Tiyamike


Our work here at Tiyamike focuses on the care of babies and children who have been orphaned, as a rule, and in a few cases those who have been abandoned. Since about 2007, we have found our main focus has been the intake of infants from a few hours old to days old and sometimes months old, all in distressful situations. It is not just rescuing them to save their lives, but as well the very big challenge of raising them and all that entails, both in training staff and funding from friends with a desire and ability and willingness to assist. Our heart and approach is to see that challenge accomplished in as much of a family environment as we can provide, where children are loved and cared for... isn't it true Jesus sure loved the children. Our life here at times includes overseas teams and/or visitors with which we do outreaches to rural areas and general sharing of the goodness of God as opportunities arise.