About Tiyamike


Tiyamike is for the most part staffed by local people. There are 100 plus staff members fulfilling roles range from management and childcare, through to teachers, cooks, guards, baby care ladies and trades staff members. This group is the backbone of everything that happens at Tiyamike. There is an ongoing partnership between our local staff and visitors, both short and long term co-workers along with Will and Pam Phillips, for ongoing training, seeing to it that the goal of these children having every opportunity to grow and learn is fulfilled. Our strong desire is that they become followers of Christ Jesus and led of Holy Spirit. Our hope is that they become useful and effective, in this wonder of life and even perhaps future leaders of Malawi.

If you are interested in joining the team (in whatever way) at Tiyamike, please visit the "Visiting Tiyamike" page and be free to contact us, for more information. We would love the opportunity to talk with and listen to you, about how you may be able to become involved in this amazing happening here in Malawi.